Surplus for Purpose – A Workshop in Funding Resilience and Systemic Impact

The not for profit and charities sector continues to struggle with generating sufficient surpluses to sustain its activities and meet accelerating demand.

Based on our analysis of ACNC financial statements, 30% of operating NFPs (as opposed to foundations and trusts) failed to return any operating surplus. While 41% returned an operating surplus less than 5% and 52% returned a surplus less than 10%.

In addition, 50% of all NFPs had annual revenues less than $140,000 (only 46% above the average Australian wage for a single employee).

With declining donors, a skewed donation base, a downward trend in government funding, increasing demand, and a worsening of economic conditions, this issue is leaving most NFPs vulnerable to policy and cost disruptions.  With 38% vulnerable to cost and funding disruptions.

In addition, there is an absence of :

  1. Meaningful and useful benchmarking and governance data to guide NFP managers and directors; and
  2. Sector specific management and governance tools, frameworks, and diagnostics based on pertinent benchmarking insights.

To address these challenges, we have completed a comprehensive statistical analysis of the 60,000 financial statements lodged with the ACNC.

Based on this analysis, and our previous engagements in the NFP sector, we have developed a two-day workshop to deliver a comprehensive set of frameworks, tools, diagnostics, and financial benchmarks to support Funding Resilience and Systemic Impact.  

Download the Detailed Agenda here – Surplus for Purpose

Registration and workshop details to follow in early 2024. Or contact us for a custom in-house presentation as part of your strategy planning.