Surplus for Purpose – A Workshop in Funding Resilience and Systemic Impact

The Imperative for Change. The not for profit and charities sector continues to struggle with generating sufficient surpluses to sustain its activities and meet accelerating demand.

Based on our analysis of ACNC financial statements, 30% of operating NFPs (as opposed to foundations and trusts) failed to return any operating surplus. While 41% returned an operating surplus less than 5% of revenues and 52% returned a surplus less than 10% of revenues.

With declining donors, a skewed donation base, a downward trend in government funding, increasing demand, and worsening economic conditions, insufficient surplus is leaving most NFPs vulnerable to funding policy and cost disruptions.

With 38% vulnerable to cost and funding disruptions.

A Workshop in Financial Resilience and Systemic Impact. To understand and address these challenges, we completed a comprehensive statistical analysis of the approximately 60,000 financial statements lodged with the ACNC.

Based on this analysis, and our previous engagements in the NFP sector, we then developed a two-day workshop to deliver a comprehensive set of frameworks, tools, diagnostics, and financial and operational benchmarks to support funding resilience and systemic impact.  

Capabilities and Deliverables. The workshop will deliver – 

  1. Operational and Financial Insights. How to leverage the results of our analysis to lift organisational health and drive operating surplus.
  2. Benchmarking Tables. Detailed operational and financial benchmarks, by NFP type, to guide managers and directors.
  3. Diagnostic Studies. Surveys that managers and directors can deploy to understand the DNA of their organisation, its vulnerability to a changing environment, and to assess the viability of their programs and services.
  4. Mission Goals Growth. Tools and frameworks to define the optimal mission and goals, and to develop and assess options for scale and growth. 
  5. Funding the Organisation. Strategies for cost recovery, understanding the science of giving, and preparing and engaging with outcome-based funding
  6. Managing for Purpose. Developing a culture of outcomes and purpose, how to establish and implement evaluation frameworks relevant to the organisation, the tools and processes of evaluation frameworks and how to implement.
  7. Managing Strategic Risk. Anticipating and managing volatility in costs and funding.     

Download the Detailed Agenda here – Surplus for Purpose

Who should Attend. The workshop will provide benefits for 

  • CEO, CFO, COO and Directors
  • General managers, program and services managers, funding managers
  • Funding organisations that want a detailed perspective on optimal management of NFPs, Charities, and Social Enterprise Organisations.

Workshop Details and Booking. Join us at our public workshops in Sydney or Melbourne

Surplus for Purpose (Sydney 7-8 May 2024)

Surplus for Purpose (Melbourne 13-14 May 2024)

Or contact us for a custom in-house workshop as part of your 2024/2025 strategy planning.