Disrupted-Market Program

Life after Disruption | Why so Little Change?

In a sea of strategic disruption, start-ups, blurring of industry boundaries, and heightened customer power …

Pace of Disruption

Pace of Disruption 
Likelihood that Market Leader is also the Profit Leader (Harvard Business Review 2011/2016)

?Why have so many sales and pricing strategies not materially changed since their inception?

?Why do so many organisations still rely on legacy pricing architectures, based on untested assumptions, and why do they still struggle with price optimisation and sustained price realisation?

?Why does so much price setting still revolve around “cost (or risk) plus mark-up with a quick look at the competitor’s price as a sanity check”?

?Why do so many sales organisations and sales strategies still rely on the solitary hunter to bring in critical revenue?

?Why are so many sales organisations still based on legacy approaches to sales force sizing, sales process optimisations, and customer management?

?Why do so many business strategies lack granularity and traction in responding to the disruptive challenges faced by the organisation?

AND more importantly what knowledge and skills will individuals and organisations need to manage, sell, and price in a disrupted business environment?

Sales and Pricing Disruption | Building Disruption-Ready Organisations

Business and Pricing Disruption The Disrupted-Market Programme is a two-day immersive and inter-active workshop aimed at building disruption-ready organisations.

Disruptions in business strategy, sales models, and pricing will be the focus of the workshop; not on the enabling technologies or attempting to predict which technology will win.

The workshop will embed the hard knowledge and soft skills that will enable participants to thrive in a disrupted market.

A deep review of industries and markets that have faced hyper-disruption will provide the hard knowledge; while the soft skills will be developed by immersing participants in a disrupted virtual market environment [V|ME].

The [V|ME] is a true-to-life business environment where the business strategies and value propositions crafted by opposing teams will actually compete for market traction and customer share. The objective being to survive and thrive in a continually disrupted market and deliver on business expectations. Learn more about the [V|ME].

By their very nature strategic disruptions are notoriously difficult to predict; but building disruption-ready organisations is one of the few ways of leveraging this uncertainty and incessant change.

Disrupted-Market Programme | Who would Benefit by Attending

Managers tasked with supporting and developing sales and pricing strategy in roles such as:

Business Unit Management

Pricing and Revenue Management

Product and Category Management

Sales and Marketing Management

Strategy and Transformation

Disrupted-Market Programme | Learning Outcomes

The hard learning outcomes will revolve around three themes:

1 Strategic Disruption. Understanding how disruption starts and its drivers, how it manifests and changes the market, and what impacts it has on the business environment and society at large. Including a review of the learnings from the Asia Pacific Business and Pricing Disruption Study.

2 Pricing Disruption. Understanding and leveraging disruptive pricing models. Also understanding how value migrates in a disrupted market, strategies to monetise that value; and how the science and practice of pricing will evolve in a connected, data-rich, and disrupted business environment.

3 Sales Disruption. Rethinking the sales strategy and sales force when the customer is inundated with information and the buying process facing incessant change. The impacts on sales process, sales architecture and the way the customer portfolio is organised and manged.

The soft skills developed will revolve around:

1 Situational Awareness. In a business environment awash with data; understanding what information and insights is crucial for making sales and pricing decisions.

2 Interpretative Capabilities. Scrutinising market and research reports to comprehend market dynamics and to understand competitor strategies.

3 Cognitive Creativity. Pushing beyond simple sales and pricing paradigms to develop creative value propositions that maximise market traction and organisational profit.

Sales and Pricing Disruption | Cutting through the Hype

The Disrupted-Market Programme will cut through the hype and noise often associated with strategic disruption, sales strategy, and disruptive pricing models.

It will provide an essential and useable model of disruption and enable participants to refresh their organisation’s sales and pricing strategies and architectures.

Disrupted Market Programme. Download Brochure and Agenda.

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